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Bukito1-5_stockPasadena, CA – Deezmaker announces it is now shipping its newest and sleekest portable 3D printer, the Bukito v1.5. Designed and optimized for printing on the go, this rock-solid printer sacrifices nothing for ease of use and professional results.

Diego Porqueras, Deezmaker’s President, describes product line placement of the Bukito as “a key niche in the marketplace for anyone who may want to have a small, rugged printer that they can take with them on their adventures. It will be ideal for classroom use and can be shared between a few teachers at a school. We built it with an easy-to-grip handle and worked really hard to get the weight down to under six pounds.”

In celebration of the original Bukito’s successful funding on Kickstarter two years ago, Deezmaker is currently taking pre-orders for the Limited Edition Bukito v1.5. Visually stunning in black and red, this custom designed model will only be available for a short amount of time.

The New Standard in Portable 3D Printing
Weighing only 6 lbs, the innovative Bukito v1.5 is a masterpiece of design and functionality. This lightweight machine is a 3D printing powerhouse thanks to its groundbreaking synchromesh cables, V-slot extrusion rails, and Deezmaker’s own custom all-metal extruder.

The Bukito uses standard 1.75 mm filament and is able to print PLA, nylon, PETT, and more. It also boasts a print volume of 5.5” x 6” x 5”, SD card & USB functionality, and full compatibility with industry standard open-source software.

“The Bukito is a printer that’s good for multiple types of users: hackable enough that enthusiasts can modify to their hearts content, but simple enough that teachers can put it on students’ desks.”
– Make: Magazine

Pricing & Availability – The fully assembled Bukito v1.5 is available for only $849, with the Limited Edition available for only $999. Both are available in their Pasadena, CA, retail shop and online at

About Deezmaker – In 2012 Diego Porqueras, inventor and founder, launched Deezmaker with the Bukobot 3D printer, bringing it from Kickstarter success story to thriving business and makerspace after initially raising 400% of targeted funds during its crowdsourcing stage. It is the first 3D Printer retail store on the West Coast, and the oldest still operating in the USA. Deezmaker is a locally owned and operated 3D printer shop and makerspace with a penultimate passion for ensuring customer satisfaction.

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