50 microns 165cu in 100 mm+/sec 6 Pounds





Can’t wait to print your first Tardis? Get up and running fast with our quick start guide and clear instructions.

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Bukito is going through its rebellious teenage years. We can give you the tools to help you communicate.

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We like un-breaking things. Let’s help you see your challenges as puzzles instead of problems.

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Professional Quality

This little printer makes some really big impressions. Need to make a high resolution print in 50 microns? Yeah, we can do that.

In a rush? Blast out your prototype in 400 microns and call it a day.

Ultra Portable

Get ready to make anywhere, everywhere. Thanks to it’s robust engineering and nimble 6.2lb weight, the Bukito is ready to go anywhere. (Seriously.) Bukitos have been spotted printing on the move while hitching rides on octocopters, RC cars, airliners, and more.

Feeling especially adventurous? Add your own 12v 5amp DC battery source and forge your own path off-road. When was the last time you 3D printed while cruising at 30,000ft?


Revolutionary Engineering

Take one look at the Bukito and you’ll see it’s a little bit… different.

Unlike conventional 3D printers, this one armed bandit uses Synchromesh cables for its belt system to maintain constant tension on the X and Y axis movements.

With the pulleys matching the synchromesh itself, we get unparalleled reliability and none of the rubber “banding” effect of those traditional belt systems from quick back and forth motions.


Print Head

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